Regional Archives of the Russian Federation

Last update of regional archives: 6 December 2020

Preliminary listing of republic, krai, and oblast state archives throughout the Russian Federation with a bibliography of available guides in printed as well as electronic form. All of the holdings from former Communist Party archives within each region are now administered by the local state archival administration. Sometimes today the former CP holdings have been integrated into the local archive, although sometimes they remain in a separate building with and separate reading room; others have been renamed as separate archives under the local state archival administration.
Researchers should note that the present listings encompass administrative-territorial units for Subjects of the Russian Federation as of late 2010. However, with the recent abolition of some 'autonomous okrugs' the full implementation of corresponding archival arrangements have not yet been carried out. Researchers interested in those regions should anticipate further archival changes and should try to get in touch with local authorities by phone or fax to verify current arrangements.
These regional archives are here accessible in two alternate browse listings. They can be viewed in English alphabetical order under the appropriate Subjects of the Russian Federation, that is to say under traditional administrative-territorial division, first 'republics', then 'krai', and then 'oblasts' (sometimes translated as 'region' in English). Or they can be browsed under the appropriate Federal Regions (as introduced in May 2000 and corrected in January 2010).

N.B. State archives in the municipalities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as Moscow and Leningrad oblast archives are listed in the separate Part D.

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Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi istoricheskii arkhiv Dal'nego Vostoka (RGIA DV)
[Russian State Historical Archive of the Far East]




Autonomous Okrugs and Oblasts

Since 2005–2008, most autonomous okrugs have been abolished as separate “subject” of the Russian Federation. They have been reorganized and incorporated in other territorial units.

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