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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: R-0340

Last update of repository: 9 October 2019

*Otdel po delam arkhivov Upravleniia ZAGS i arkhivov Lipetskoi oblasti

[Division for Archival Affairs of the Administration for Registration of Vital Statistics and Archives of Lipetsk Oblast]

Agency: Administratsiia Lipetskoi oblasti
[Administration of Lipetsk Oblast]

Address: 398050, Lipetsk Oblast, Lipetsk, pl. Lenina-Sobornaia, 3

Telephone: +7 474-2 27-53-64

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: http://www.uzags.com/

Opening hours: M–Th 8:30–17:30, F 8:30–16:30

Head of the Administration: Svetlana Aleksandrovna Koroleva (tel. +7 474-2 28-10-11)

First Deputy Head: Gennadii Aleksandrovich Popov (tel. +7 474-2 47-12-68)

Deputy Head of the Administration, Head of the Division for Archival Affairs: Nataliia Viktorovna Fursova (tel. +7 474-2 78-19-75)

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