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Last update of repository: 13 November 2020

*Agentstvo po delam arkhivov Permskogo kraia

[Agency for Archival Affairs of Perm Krai]

Agency: Administratsiia Permskogo kraia
[Administration of Perm Krai]

Address: 614006, Perm Oblast, Perm, Kuibysheva, 14

Telephone: +7 342 217-72-75

Fax: +7 342 217-72-75

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: http://agarh.permkrai.ru/

Chief: Vera Vladimirovna Nikol'skaia (tel. +7 342 217-72-75; e-mail [email protected])

Perm Krai was established in December 2005 as a result of the union of the former Perm Oblast and the former Komi-Permiak Autonomous Okrug. As a result of the administrative territorial reorganization, the formerly separate State Archive of the Komi-Permiank Autonomous Okrug came under the administration of the Agency for Archival Affairs of Perm Krai, and was accordingly renamed the Komi-Permiak Okrug State Archive.

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