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Last update of repository: 26 November 2020

Gosudarstvennyi arkhiv Sverdlovskoi oblasti (GASO)

[State Archive of Sverdlovsk Oblast]

Agency: Upravlenie arkhivami Sverdlovskoi oblasti
[Administration of Archives of Sverdlovsk Oblast]

Address: 620014, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Ekaterinburg, ul. Vainera, 17

Telephone: +7 343 376-31-03

Fax: +7 343 376-31-03

Reading room: +7 343 376-31-06

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: http://gaso-ural.ru/;  http://uprarchives.midural.ru/article...

Opening hours: M–F 8:30–17:00; RdngRm: MTuTh 9:00–16:30, W 9:00–19:30, F 9:00–15:00

Director: Evgenii Konstantinovich Shabalin (tel. +7 343 376-31-03)

Deputy Director: Ekaterina Petrovna Shigorina (tel. +7 343 376-31-08)

Deputy Director: Elena Valer'evna Pirogova (tel. +7 343 376-31-12)

Deputy Director, Main Curator: Anastasiia Aleksandrovna Konstantinova (tel. +7 343 376-31-03)

About GASO
In 2014 the State Archive of Scientific-Technical and Special Documentation of Sverdlovsk Oblast (GANTSDSO) was attached to the Gosudarstvennyi arkhiv Sverdlovskoi oblasti (GASO). The Branch of the State Archive of Sverdlovsk Oblast in Kamensk-Ural'sk (Filial GASO v g. Kamensk-Ural'skom) was founded in 2016.

Filial Gosudarstvennogo arkhiva Sverdlovskoi oblasti v g. Kamensk-Ural'skom (Filial GASO v g. Kamensk-Ural'skom)
[Branch of the State Archive of Sverdlovsk Oblast in Kamensk-Ural'skii]
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