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Last update of repository: 16 November 2020

*Otdel po delam arkhivov Ministerstva kul'tury Arkhangel'skoi oblasti

[Division for Archival Affairs of the Ministry of Culture of Arkhangelsk Oblast]

Agency: Ministerstvo kul'tury Arkhangel'skoi oblasti
[Ministry of Culture of Arkhangelsk Oblast]

Address: 163000, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Arkhangelsk, pr. Troitskii, 49

Telephone: +7 818-2 20-64-84, +7 818-2 28-63-69

Fax: +7 818-2 28-63-69

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: https://dvinaland.ru/gov/iogv/mincult/

Acting Ministry of Culture: Natal'ia Valentinovna Baksheeva (tel. +7 818-2 21-52-33)

Deputy Minister, Head of the Division for Archival Affairs: Igor' Andreevich Repnevskii (tel. +7 818-2 20-64-84; e-mail [email protected])

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