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Last update of repository: 13 August 2019

Muzeino-informatsionnyi tsentr Gosudarstvennogo akademicheskogo Malogo teatra

[Museum and Informational Center of the State Academic Malyi Theater]

Agency: Ministerstvo kul'tury Rossiiskoi Federatsii
[Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation]

Address: 103009, Moscow, Teatral'naia (formerly Sverdlova) pl., 1/6

Telephone: +7 495 625-29-58, +7 495 625-84-10

E-mail: [email protected];  (theater)

Website: http://www.museum.ru/M395;  http://www.maly.ru  (theater)

Opening hours: M–F 11:00–17:00 (by appointment)

Transport: metro: Okhotnyi Riad, Teatral'naia, Ploshchad' Revoliutsii

Head: Tat'iana Iur'evna Krupennikova (tel. +7 495 625-29-58; e-mail [email protected])

Head of the Museum Fonds: Nina Ivanovna Sorokina

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