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Last update of repository: 26 August 2019

Memorial'nyi dom-muzei akademika S.P. Koroleva—Filial Memorial'nogo muzeia kosmonavtiki

[S.P. Korolev Memorial House-Museum—Branch of the Memorial Museum of Space Exploration]

Agency: Departament kul'tury goroda Moskvy
[Department on Culture of the City of Moscow]

Address: 129515, Moscow, 1-ia Ostankinskaia ul., 28

Telephone: +7 495 686-01-81

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: http://www.kosmo-museum.ru/mdmk;  http://www.kosmo-museum.ru/collection...  (collection); http://www.museum.ru/M326

Opening hours: WFSaSuF 11:00–19:00, Th 11:00–21:00

Transport: metro: VDNKh

Director: Dmitrii Andreevich Velichko (tel. +7 495 686-01-81)

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