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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: G-7

Last update of repository: 16 March 2020

Rossiiskaia gosudarstvennaia biblioteka iskusstv (RGBI)

[Russian State Library of the Arts]

Agency: Ministerstvo kul'tury Rossiiskoi Federatsii
[Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation]

Address: 103031, Moscow, ul. Bol'shaia Dmitrovka (formerly Pushkinskaia), 8/1 (RdngRm); 127051, Moscow, Petrovskie linii, 1 (Subscription)

Telephone: +7 495 692-06-53, +7 495 692-09-84; +7 495 692-48-92

Fax: +7 495 692-06-53

E-mail: [email protected];  [email protected]

Website: http://www.liart.ru/

Opening hours: RdngRm: M–F 11:00–19:00; Sa 11:00–18:00; Subscription: M–F 11:00–18:00 (July or August—”closed)

Transport: metro: Okhotnyi riad, Teatral'naia

Director: Ada Aronovna Kolganova (tel. +7 495 692-65-20, +7 495 692-06-53; e-mail [email protected])

Deputy Director for Librarian Work: Nadezhda Vasil'evna Prudnikova (tel. +7 495 692-57-80; e-mail [email protected])

Deputy Director for Informatisation: Inna Aleksandrovna Vaganova (tel. +7 495 692-57-80; e-mail [email protected])

Head of the Division of Scientific Working: Tat'iana Anatol'evna Glazunova (tel. +7 495 692-78-17; e-mail [email protected])

Sector arkhivnykh dokumentov i knizhnykh pamiatnikov Otdela khraneniia bibliotechnykh fondov
[Sector of Archival Records and Book Memorials of the Division for Storage of Library Fonds]
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Tsentr vizual'noi informatsii
[Center for Visual Information]
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