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Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Natsional'nyi gosudarstvennyi universitet fizicheskoi kul'tury, sporta i zdorov'ia im. P.F. Lesgafta

Access & Facilities

Access to the archival holdings requires an official letter addressed to the rector stating the subject and aim of the proposed research. There is a charge for use of the library by outside specialists.

Library facilities
The Library of the University, now the Main Republican Scientific-Methodological Library of Physical Culture and Sport, was established in 1906. The library holds literature on the history of physical education and medical and biological problems relating to sports, as well publications from the personal collection of P.F. Lesgaft. There are also dissertations on this subject. There are a card catalogue of names, an alphabetical card catalogue of dissertations, and electonical catalogue. (tel. +7 812 714-20-00, +7 812 714-16-29; e-mail: [email protected]; website http://www.lesgaft.spb.ru/ru/libr/bib...)

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