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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: D-17

Last update of repository: 7 December 2020

Tsentral'nyi gosudarstvennyi arkhiv istoriko-politicheskikh dokumentov Sankt-Peterburga (TsGAIPD SPb)

[Central State Archive of Historico-Political Records of St. Petersburg]

Agency: Arkhivnyi komitet Sankt-Peterburga (AK SPb)
[Archival Committee of St. Petersburg]

Address: 191015, St. Petersburg, ul. Tavricheskaia, 39

Telephone: +7 812 241-56-82

Fax: +7 812 271-39-73

Reading room: +7 812 241-56-84

E-mail: [email protected];  [email protected];  (RdngRm)

Website: https://spbarchives.ru/cgaipd;  https://www.gov.spb.ru/gov/otrasl/arc...

Opening hours: M–F 10:00–16:00; RdngRm: MWTh 9:30–17:30, Tu 12:00–20:00

Transport: metro: Chernyshevskaia, Ploshchad' Vosstaniia; bus: 22, 46, 136; trol.: 5, 7, 15, 16, 49

Director: Vladimir Vladimirovich Taradin (tel. +7 812 271-41-09)

Deputy Director: Ol'ga Igorevna Bobrova (tel. +7 812 271-39-78)

Main Curator: Nikolai Anatol'evich Komkov (tel. +7 812 271-56-80)

Head of Reading Room: Anzhelika Vadimovna Kazakova (tel. +7 812 241-56-84)

Established in 1929 as the Leningrad Branch of the Consolidated Party Archive, the archive was transferred to the authority of the Archival Administration of the St. Petersburg Mayor’s Office in December 1991, also accessioning remaining current records of local Party organs. The archive holds the local records of all organs and organizations of the Communist Party and Young Communist League from Petrograd/Leningrad from 1917 to 1991. Special collections contains memoirs about Lenin, and about other local Party leaders and heros. The archive also has an extensive collection of photographs from local CPSU and Komsomol sources.
        Recently, TsGAIPD SPb has been acquiring documentation of various political parties and social movements since 1988.

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