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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: D-13

Last update of repository: 7 December 2020

Arkhivno-informatsionnyi otdel upravleniia pravovogo obespecheniia osushchestvleniia polnomochii Glavnogo upravleniia zapisi aktov grazhdanskogo sostoianiia Moskovskoi oblasti (Arkhiv ZAGS MO)

[Archival and Information Department of the Department of Legal Support of the Exercise of Powers of the Main Administration for Registration of Vital Statistics of Moscow Oblast]

Agency: Ministerstvo iustitsii RF (Miniust Rossii)
[Ministry of Justice]
Glavnoe upravlenie ZAGS Moskovskoi oblasti
[Main Administration for Registration of Vital Statistics (ZAGS) of Moscow Oblast]

Address: 143082, Moscow Oblast, Odintsovskii raion, c/p Barvikhinskoe, d. Razdory, Rublevo-Uspenskogo shosse, 1, korp. A

Telephone: +7 495 694-20-07, (Administration for Registration of Vital Statistics): +7 498-602-00-87

Fax: (Administration for Registration of Vital Statistics): +7 498-602-00-87

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: http://zags.mosreg.ru/  (Administration for Registration of Vital Statistics)

Opening hours: M–W 9:00–17:30, F 9:00–16:00

Head: Irina Pavlovna Gromova (tel. +7 498 602-00-86 add. 57-404)

Chief of ZAGS Administration of Moscow Oblast: Elena Ernestovna Filatova (tel. +7 498-602-00-84)

First Deputy Chief: Ol'ga Iur'evna Malakhova (tel. +7 498 602-00-86 add. 57-432)

About Arkhiv ZAGS MO
The archive holds registration records of vital statistics for inhabitants of Moscow Oblast (and earlier Guberniia) starting in September 1918 to the present. In addition this archive has copies of official civil vital statistics registration records from Russian consular and embassy offices in different countries of the world (starting in 1978—only one copy). Parish registers from churches in Moscow Guberniia before September 1918 are now held in TsGA Moskvy (D–1), Holdings from the former Central Historical Archive of Moscow (TsIAM). Those postdating September 1918 are scheduled for transfer to TsGAMO (D–8).

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