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Last update of repository: 3 December 2020

Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi arkhiv noveishei istorii (RGANI)

[Russian State Archive of Contemporary History]

Agency: Federal'noe arkhivnoe agentstvo Rossii (Rosarkhiv)
[Federal Archival Agency of Russia]

Address: 115035, Moscow, Sofiiskaia naberezhnaia, 12, str. 1

Telephone: +7 495 190-55-89

Fax: +7 495 190-55-89

Reading room: +7 495190-56-25

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: http://xn--80afqtm.xn--p1ai;  http://www.rusarchives.ru/federal/rgani/

Opening hours: MTuTh 10:00–17:00, W 12:00–19:00, F 10:00–16:00

Transport: metro: Novokuznetskaia + bus 5 to stop “Bol'shoi Moskvoretskii most”; metro: Tret'iakovskaia, Ploshchad' Revoliutsii, Kitai-gorod, Borovitskaia, Biblioteka im. Lenina + walk within 15—“20 minutes

Director: Igor' Al'bertovich Permiakov (tel. +7 495 190-56-00)

Deputy Director: Mikhail Iur'evich Prozumenshchikov (tel. +7 495 190-55-84)

Deputy Director: Nataliia Mikhailovna Emel'ianova (tel. +7 495 190-55-82)

The Russian State Archive of Contemporary History (RGANI) dates from the March 1999 Rosarkhiv reform. Its predecessor immediate predecessor, the Center for Preservation of Contemporary Documentation (TsKhSD), was established in 1991 on the basis of current records from the ongoing agency archives (Tekushchie arkhivy) of structural divisions of the CPSU Central Committee, which were nationalized after the attempted August coup in 1991. RGANI accordingly retains records created by the activities of the highest central organs of the CPSU and the CP of the RSFSR, including their permanent and provisional commissions, bureaus, andthe apparatus of the CPSU CC and the CC CP RSFSR. Documentation principally covers the period from 1952 to August 1991, although there are some holdings from the years 1922–1951.
        The Center was opened to researchers 25 February 1992 in the building of the CPSU Central Committee (TsK KPSS) near the Kremlin in Old Square (Staraia ploshchad').
        The Center combines several agency archives of CC structural subdivisions, such as the CPSS CC General Department (Obshchii otdel TsK KPSS), the Committee for Party Control (Komitet partiinogo kontrolia—KPK), the CC CPSU Organizational Department (Orgotdel TsK KPSS), which included CPSU membership records; the CC Administration of Affairs (Arkhivnyi fond Upravleniia delami TsK KPSS); and the International Department (Mezhdunarodnyi otdel), among others. RGANI has recently started to acquire records of the CPSU Congresses (1955–1966) and transcripts and other documents of CC Plenums (1941–1966, 1990–1991). Of particular importance are the records of the CC Politburo (1952–1991). Among the most voluminous fonds in RGANI are the records of CPSU CC Secretariat (1952 to 1991) and the CPSU CC Apparatus (Apparat) (1952–1991). A few personal fonds have been established for individual CPSU officials and leaders. There are also some sound recordings. Especially since the end of 1994, TsKhSD has been receiving transfers of additional Central Committee and Politburo files from the Archive of the President of the Russian Federation (AP RF, C–1).
        In 2008 the People’s Archive was forced to close due to financial problems, and its fonds were transferred to RGANI. As of March 2010 all of the fonds of the archive are preserved in RGANI, but are not yet accessible for researchers.

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