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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: H-290

Last update of repository: 18 March 2020

Muzei-arkhiv D.I. Mendeleeva pri Sankt-Peterburgskom gosudarstvennom universitete (MAM pri SPbGU)

Access & Facilities

A letter from the researcher's sponsoring institution is required stating the subject and purpose of research. In the case of foreign scholars, a letter from the researcher's sponsoring Russian institution is required, or a recommendation from an authoritative specialist.

Working conditions
Researchers are accommodated in the museum offices, where materials are available the same day they are ordered.

Reference facilities
There are inventory registers of the processed fonds, inventory catalogues of the main fonds, catalogues of correspondence by author, and inventory and subject catalogues of Mendeleev's personal library. There are also subsidiary working catalogues of Mendeleev's work.

Library facilities
There is a working library of publications about D.I. Mendeleev, in addition to the personal library of Mendeleev, including many interesting marginalia.

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