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Last update of repository: 18 March 2020

Muzei-arkhiv D.I. Mendeleeva pri Sankt-Peterburgskom gosudarstvennom universitete (MAM pri SPbGU)

Previous names
1952–1991   Muzei i nauchnyi arkhiv D.I. Mendeleeva pri Leningradskom gosudarstvennom universitete
[D.I. Mendeleev Museum and Scientific Archive at Leningrad State University]
1924–1952   Kabinet D.I. Mendeleeva pri Leningradskom gosudarstvennom universitete
[Cabinet of D.I. Mendeleev at Leningrad State University]
1911–1914   Kabinet D.I. Mendeleeva pri Imperatorskom Sankt-Peterburgskom universitete
[Cabinet of D.I. Mendeleev at the Imperial St. Petersburg University]
The Mendeleev Memorial Cabinet was opened in 1911 in the university apartment which the eminent chemist Dmitrii Ivanovich Mendeleev (1834–1907) occupied from 1866 to 1890. Initiative for the museum came from Mendeleev’s relatives, pupils, and colleagues—particularly A.E. Favorskii, V.E. Tishchenko, L.A. Chugaev, and V.N. Ipat'ev, who acquired the apartment from his widow, A.E. Mendeleeva, together with Mendeleev’s library, part of his archive, and furnishings from his study. In 1928 another Mendeleev Museum (Mendeleevskii muzei) was organized under the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Metrology and Standardization (VIMS), which included a large portion of Mendeleev’s manuscript legacy.
        In 1952, on the basis of a government resolution for the study of the scientific legacy of Mendeleev, Mendeleev’s study at LGU was reorganized into a formal museum and centralized archive, and it received a number of documents from other archival repositories throughout the country, including those earlier held in the VIMS museum. In 1963 the separate D.I. Mendeleev Museum, which then existed under the Main Chamber of Weights and Measures (now the D.I. Mendeleev Institute of Metrology) was abolished, and the Museum-Archive received the holdings which had been used for exhibits there. Today the Museum-Archive has the richest collection of documents in Russia on the life and work of Mendeleev and remains under the auspices of St. Petersburg State University.

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