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Last update of repository: 18 March 2020

Muzei-arkhiv D.I. Mendeleeva pri Sankt-Peterburgskom gosudarstvennom universitete (MAM pri SPbGU)


Total: over 14,000 units

The Scientific Archive of the D.I. Mendeleev Museum-Archive retains Mendeleev's personal and scientific papers, along with those of members of his family and other relatives, as well as materials of biographers and others who have researched his work.
        Mendeleev's vast manuscript legacy includes scientific studies and associated writings, working diaries and notebooks, biographical materials, and correspondence. Mendeleev's art collection consists of photographic reproductions of great paintings by Russian and foreign artists, while his library consists of some 20,000 books, brochures, offprints of articles, and newspaper clippings. Many of the books have his personal marginalia.
        Fonds of Mendeleev's relatives include personal papers of the family of E.I. Kapustina (née Mendeleeva, 1816–1901), the scientist's elder sister; her children and relatives; the Smirnovs, including documents of Ia.I. Smirnov, a curator in the Hermitage and historian of Christian art and archeology; Mendeleev's first wife, F.N. Mendeleeva (née Leshcheva, 1828–1903) and his daughter from his first marriage, O.D. Trigorova (née Mendeleeva, 1868–1950); and Mendeleev's second wife, A.I. Mendeleeva (née Popova, 1860–1942) and her children, I.D. Mendeleev (1883–1936) and M.D. Mendeleeva (married name Kuz'mina, 1886–1952). These fonds include family correspondence, diaries, recollections of D.I. Mendeleev, correspondence relating to the publication of Mendeleev's manuscript legacy, and portraits of relatives and friends.
        A separate fond has been assigned for documents originating from Mendeleev's students and colleagues, including B.P. Veinberg, V.I. Tishchenko, M.N. Mladentsev, and A.V. Skvortsov, and from contemporary researchers who have studied Mendeleev's life and work. There is also a collection of biographical materials relating to Mendeleev.
        The museum has collected photocopies of documents relating to Mendeleev from other repositories in Russia and abroad.

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