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Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Fiziko-tekhnicheskii institut im. A.F. Ioffe RAN (FTI)

[A.F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute]

Agency: Rossiiskaia Akademiia nauk (RAN), Otdelenie fizicheskikh nauk
[Russian Academy of Sciences, Department of Physical Sciences]
Ministerstvo nauki i vysshego obrazovaniia RF (Minobrnauki Rossii)
[Ministry of Science and Higher Education]

Address: 194021, St. Petersburg, ul. Politekhnicheskaia, 26

Telephone: +7 812 297-22-45

Fax: +7 812 297-10-17

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: http://www.ioffe.ru  (Rus); http://www.ioffe.ru/index_en.html  (Eng)

Transport: metro: Politekhnicheskaia

Director: Andrei Georgievich Zabrodskii (tel. +7 812 297-23-75; e-mail [email protected])

Deputy Director for Scientific Work: Sergei Vladimirovich Lebedev (tel. +7 812 297-79-28; e-mail [email protected])

Scientific Secretary: Andrei Petrovich Shergin (tel. +7 812 297-22-45; e-mail [email protected])

About FTI
Materials from the office of the so-called Individual Group of Academician A.F. Ioffe and his laboratory, and the subsequent Institute of Semi-Conductors of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (through 1952) are retained in the St. Petersburg Branch of the Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences (PFA RAN, E–25, fond 852; electronically: http://isaran.ru/isaran/isaran.php?pa...). Part of the personal papers of A.F. Ioffe are also in PFA RAN (fond 910; electronically: http://isaran.ru/isaran/isaran.php?pa...).

Nauchnyi arkhiv
[Scientific Archive]
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Memorial'nyi kabinet akademika A.F. Ioffe
[A.F. Ioffe Memorial Cabinet]
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