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*Glavnoe arkhivnoe upravlenie goroda Moskvy (Glavarkhiv Moskvy)

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Archives of Russia (2000), pp. 373-74; Arkhivy Rossii (1997), pp. 287-88.

History of Archives


d-1. Tsentral'nye arkhivy Moskvy: Putevoditel' po fondam. Compiled by I.G. Tarakanova, et al. Edited by A.D. Stepanskii, et al. 6 vols. Moscow: Mosgorarkhiv, 1999–2000, 2012, 2013; reprinted 2002. [Mosgorarkhiv] (Lib: DLC[vols.1-4]; MH).
Electronic edition:
(Also listed as d–15)
        Vol. 1: 1999. 364 p. Electronic ed.:;
        Vol. 2: 1999. 268 p. Electronic ed.:;
        Vol. 3: 1999. 336 p. Electronic ed.:;
        Vol. 4: 2000. 344 p. Electronic ed.:;
        Vol. 5: 1999. 168 p. Electronic ed.:;
        Vol. 6, pt. 1, bk. 1: 2012. 368 p. Electronic ed.:;
        Vol. 6, pt. 1, bk. 2: 2013. 328 p. Electronic ed.:;
        Vol. 6, pt. 2, bk. 1: 2014. 392 p. Electronic ed.:;
        Vol. 6, pt. 2, bk. 2: 2015. 408 p. Electronic ed.:

A six-volume guide, organized by subject matter, covering fonds in all of the Moscow municipal archives (Mosgorarkhiv, now Glavarkhiv), which have now been consolidated in TsGA Moskvy. Coverage includes records of prerevolutionary municipal and guberniia institutions (mid-18th–1918) in former TsIAM; post-1917 institutions and agencies in former TsMAM (then TsAGM, now TsGA Moskvy) and former TsALIM (then divided between TsAGM and TsAOPIM), Communist Party organizations in former TsAODM (then TsAOPIM), and related scientific-technical documentation in former TsANTDM. Provides dates and name changes for many of the creating agencies. Each volume includes indexes of personal names, place names, and institutions, as well as lists of fonds by number in each archive.
        The first volume covers records of prerevolutionary guberniia and municipal administrative, judicial, and military authorities in former TsIAM, postrevolutionary municipal and raion administrative and judicial agencies in former TsMAM, and major local municipal and oblast Communist Party and Komsomol agencies in former TsAODM. Appended lists of fonds indicate those included for each archive. Helpful introductory essays describe the institutional development of local administrative and judicial authorities, as well as a history of archives in the Moscow region.
        The second volume covers records of municipal and prerevolutionary guberniia agencies in economic and commercial spheres (over 1,900 fonds) with separate rubrics for statistical and planning agencies, banks, credit societies, and insurance companies, as well as agencies involved in trade and commerce, agriculture and forestry, and cooperatives. Coverage includes records in former TsMAM, TsIAM, and TsAODM.
        The third volume covers records of agencies and organizations in the fields of education, culture, art, music, theaters, museums, and architectural monuments; health services, physical culture, and sports; and social service and charitable agencies (over 1,750 fonds). Coverage includes records in former TsMAM, TsIAM, TsAODM, TsANTDM, and TsALIM.
        The fourth volume has separate sections (with separate subdivisions for prerevolutionary and postrevolutionary periods) covering records of transportation, communication, and construction agencies, and housing and communal services (ca. 1,450 fonds), former TsMAM, TsIAM, TsAODM, and TsANTDM.
        The fifth volume covers records of social organizations, trade and professional unions, and political parties (ca 550 fonds), including new political and social movements of the post-Soviet period. It also covers records of religious agencies and organizations, including eparchial administrations, churches, monasteries, and parishes of Moscow Eparchy for the Russian Orthodox Church and religious institutions of other denominations—Roman Catholic, Protestant, Armenian, Muslim, and Jewish. Includes indexes of churches and other ecclesiastical agencies in former TsMAM, TsIAM, TsAODM, and TsALIM.
        The sixth volume covers factory records of heavy and light industrial concerns from prerevolutionary, Soviet, and post-Soviet periods held in formerTsAGM, TsIAM, TsAOPIM, and TsANTDM.

d-2. Tsentral'nye arkhivy Moskvy: Putevoditel' po fondam lichnogo proiskhozhdeniia. Compiled by A.A. Kats. Edited by A.D. Stepanskii, et al. Moscow: Mosgorarkhiv, 1998. 232 p. [Mosgorarkhiv] (Lib: MH).
Electronic edition:

Covers personal papers and related collections in former TsIAM and TsADKM (then TsMAMLS), as well as one collection of personal documentation in former TsAODM (then TsAOPIM).

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History of Archives

d-3. “Moskovskim arkhivam 200 let.” Otechestvennye arkhivy, 1997, no. 3, pp. 20–39. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).

A report honoring 200 years of Moscow archives with considerable information about recent archival developments within Mosgorarkhiv (now Glavarkhiv). Separate short articles describe highlights of acquisitions and activities in four of the former separate archives, included in 2013 to TsGA Moskvy: TsMAM, TsIAM, TsAODM (then TsAOPIM), and TsMADSN (earlier TsAADM, then TsAE i ADM).

d-4. “200-letie arkhivov Moskvy.” Arkheograficheskii ezhegodnik za 1997 god (1998), pp. 77–91. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).

A series of reports honoring the 200th anniversary of Moscow archives with considerable information about recent archival developments within Mosgorarkhiv (now Glavarkhiv). Separate short reports by Iu.A. Poliakov (pp. 77–79) and V.F. Kozlov (pp. 80–85) describe general developments and highlight acquisitions and activities in the separate archives. Additional articles cover individual archives, for example, former TsAODM (then TsAOPIM) and TsADKM (then TsMAMLS).

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d-5. Moskovskii arkhiv: Istoriko-kraevedcheskii al'manakh. Moscow: “Mosgorarkhiv”, 1996–. [Mosgorarkhiv] (Lib: DLC; MH).
        [Vol. 1]: 1996. 544 p. + plates. “Moskva i moskvichi.”
        Vol. 2: Vtoraia polovina XIX–nachalo XX v. Compiled by E.G. Boldina and M.M. Gorinov. 2000. 696 p. + plates.
        Vol. 3: Compiled by V.F. Kozlov. 2002[3]. 572 p.
        Vol. 4: 2006. 856 p.

A series featuring popularized essays regarding Moscow, its history, buildings, and famous citizens, based on archival materials and published documents from the municipal archives. The initial volume includes a short essay about the history of Moscow archives (pp. 238–49).

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