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Last update of repository: 14 March 2020

Arkhiv vneshnei politiki Rossiiskoi Federatsii (AVP RF)

[Archive of Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation]

Agency: Ministerstvo inostrannykh del RF (MID Rossii)
[Ministry of Foreign Affairs]
Istoriko-dokumental'nyi departament (IDD)
[Historico-Documentary Department]

Address: 119200, Moscow, Smolenskaia-Sennaia ploshchad', 32/34; Plotnikov per., 11

Telephone: +7 499 241-04-80

Fax: +7 499 244-44-11, +7 499 244-27-80

Reading room: +7 499 241-51-12; +7 499 241-02-96

Website: http://idd.mid.ru/arhivy-mid-rossii1/...

Opening hours: M–Th 10:00–17:00; F 10:00–15:00

Transport: metro: Smolenskaia

Head: Nadezhda Pavlovna Mozzhukhina (tel. +7 499 244-29-70)

Head of Reading Room: Sergei Vital'evich Pavlov (tel. +7 499 241-51-12)

About AVP RF
In 1992, the Archive of Foreign Policy of the USSR (AVP SSSR) was renamed AVP RF, and since 1993 operates as a division of IDD MID (see C–02).
        The archive retains the records of the Ministry (pre-1946—People’s Commissariat) of Foreign Affairs from the period since 1917. A group of 30 fonds from the 1920’s and 1930’s comprise the records of the secretariats of successive Commissars and their deputies, including their official diplomatic correspondence with foreign countries. The archive stores the separate records of all Soviet embassies abroad. Special collections of records relate to various international conferences, including the peace conferences at Brest-Litovsk (1918) and Genoa (1922); conferences under the aegis of the League of Nations; Conferences of Tehran (1943), Yalta (1945), and Potsdam (1945); the founding conference of the UN in San Francisco (1945), and others. Other fonds include personal papers of Soviet diplomatic officials. There is a special collection of treaties, agreements, and other documents concluded with foreign countries, as well as a separate collection of photographs.

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