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Last update of repository: 12 November 2012

Tsentral'nyi arkhiv atomnoi otrasli (Tsentratomarkhiv)

[Central Archive of the Atomic Industry]

Agency: Gosudarstvennaia korporatsiia po atomnoi energii “Rosatom” (Goskorporatsiia “Rosatom”)
[State Corporation of Atomic Energy “Rosatom”]

Address: 119017, Moscow, ul. Bol'shaia Ordynka, 24

Telephone: +7 495 221-90-76, add. 204

E-mail: (Rosatom): [email protected]

Website: http://www.rosatom.ru/employee/archive/;  http://www.rosatom.ru  (Rosatom)

Opening hours: M–F 9:30–17:00

Transport: metro: Tret'iakovskaia

Chief of the Administration of Documentary Ensuring: Mikhail Valer'evich Vozhdaev

About Tsentratomarkhiv
The Central Archive of the Atomic Industry (Tsentratomarkhiv or Archive of Rosatom) has brought together records from a number of predecessor agencies associated with Soviet atomic development, which it maintains along with records of the ministry itself.

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