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Last update of repository: 3 December 2020

Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi arkhiv ekonomiki (RGAE)

[Russian State Archive of the Economy]

Agency: Federal'noe arkhivnoe agentstvo Rossii (Rosarkhiv)
[Federal Archival Agency of Russia]

Address: 119435, Moscow, ul. Bol'shaia Pirogovskaia, 17

Telephone: +7 499 245-26-64

Fax: +7 499 245-26-64

Reading room: +7 495 580-88-17; Personal Fonds: +7 495 580-88-92; Special Fonds: +7 495 580-88-45

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: http://rgae.ru/;  http://www.rusarchives.ru/federal/rgae/

Opening hours: MW 12:00–20:00, TuTh 10:00–17:00; F 10:00–16:00

Transport: metro: Frunzenskaia + walk along the Kholzunov Lane; metro: Kropotkinskaia + bus: M3, 15, 255 to stop ul. Elanskogo; metro: Smolenskaia + bus: 64, C12 to stop Dom kul'tury “Kauchuk”

Director: Elena Aleksandrovna Tiurina (tel. +7 499 246-48-56; e-mail [email protected])

Deputy Director: Sergei Ivanovich Degtev (tel. +7 495 580-87-54; e-mail [email protected])

Deputy Director: Natal'ia Vladimirovna Asatrian (tel. +7 495 580-88-81; e-mail [email protected])

Deputy Director: Anatolii Ivanovich Barsukov (tel. +7 495 580-88-52; e-mail [email protected])

Deputy Director: Elena Rudol'fovna Kurapova (tel. +7 495 580-87-62)

Head of the Reading Room: Nadezhda Mikhailovna Kostrikova (tel. +7 495 580-88-17)

About RGAE
Formerly known as TsGANKh SSSR, the centralized archive for postrevolutionary records relating to the economy, was renamed RGAE in 1992. The archive is the principal repository for all-union records relating to economic and fiscal matters, including those of central agencies of economic administration of the USSR from 1917 to 1991 on different levels of the economy—from local offices and trusts to the people’s commissariats (narkomats) and ministries and state committees throughout the USSR. The first major complex of fonds comprises records and statistical materials of state commissariats and later ministries, state committees such as the State Statistical Committee (Goskomstat), planning agencies such as Gosplan, and other central governmental agencies and organizations. The second large complex of records in RGAE combines fonds of manufacturing organizations, which were under the authority of the central administrative agencies for the national economy. A third complex of records is represented by fonds of scientific and research institutions (NII). Still another complex comprises fonds of central administrative organs for producers’ cooperatives and consumers’ cooperative societies. The archive has also accumulated a large complex of personnel files and personal papers, including those of leading functionaries in all branches of the national economy.

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