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Last update of repository: 7 December 2020

Tsentral'nyi gosudarstvennyi arkhiv Sankt-Peterburga (TsGA SPb)

[Central State Archive of St. Petersburg]

Agency: Arkhivnyi komitet Sankt-Peterburga (AK SPb)
[Archival Committee of St. Petersburg]

Address: 193168, St. Petersburg, ul. Antonova-Ovseenko, 1, korp. 1, litera A

Telephone: +7 812 417-67-66, +7 812 417-54-70

Reading room: +7 812 417-54-76

E-mail: [email protected];  for inquiry: [email protected]


Opening hours: RdngRms: (ul. Antonova-Ovseenko, 1, korp. 1, litera A): MWTh 9:30–17:30, Tu 11:30–19:30; (ul. Varfolomeevskaia, 15, litera A): TuTh 8:30–17:00

Transport: metro: ulitsa Dybenko

Director: Ol'ga Nikolaevna Shemchuk (tel. +7 812 417-54-75; e-mail [email protected])

Deputy Director: Mariia Aleksandrovna Gaugau (tel. +7 812 417-54-65; e-mail [email protected])

Main Curator: Nadezhda Igorevna Burlutskaia (tel. +7 812 417-54-65; e-mail [email protected])

About TsGA SPb
The archive houses postrevolutionary records of local executive and administration authorities—the executive committees of the guberniia, oblast, and city soviets of deputies, and those of the raion (within the city), uezd, and volost soviets. There are a number of fonds of agencies of the Provisional Government and the records of the Petrograd Soviet after October 1917. From the early years of Soviet rule are fonds of central and regional headquarters of the Revolutionary Guards, the Workers’ and Peasants’ militia, administrative divisions of the Guberniia Executive Committee, and uezd and raion executive committees.
        Economic and industrial development of the city are reflected in fonds of local organs of economic administration: people’s economic councils (sovnarkhozy), the Northwest Oblast Industrial Bureau, planning commissions, financial and statistical organizations, and numerous industrial enterprises. Records of transportation and communications agencies include those of the Leningrad Metro, railroad administrations, shipping companies, commercial and timber ports, auto, tramway, and trolleybus agencies, and postal and telegraph offices.
        Many fonds are held of institutions in the fields of science and education, local health service records, and those of social and religious organizations. There are also many fonds of personal papers.

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