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Last update of repository: 6 December 2020

Tsentral'nyi gosudarstvennyi arkhiv goroda Moskvy (TsGA Moskvy)

Otdel khraneniia dokumentov obshchestvenno-politicheskoi istorii Moskvy—Fondy byvshego Tsentral'nogo arkhiva obshchestvenno-politicheskoi istorii Moskvy (TsAOPIM)
[Division for Preservation of Records of Socio-Political History of Moscow—Holdings from the former Central Archive of Social-Political History of Moscow]

Address: 109554, Moscow, ul. Mezhdunarodnaia, 10

Telephone: +7 495 678-12-87, +7 495 678-75-01

Fax: +7 495 678-75-01

Reading room: +7 499 764-27-73, +7 495 678-73-67 (RdngRm no. 3)

Website: http://cgamos.ru/storage_centers/28614/

Opening hours: M 9:30–16:30, TuTh 12:00–20:00, F 9:30–15:00 (year round)


Total: 5,094 fonds; 3,502,323 units; 1917–2016

Fonds of TsKhDOPIM (former TsAOPIM) contains records of Communist Party and Komsomol organizations of Moscow and Moscow Oblast. Records of CPSU ruling agencies are represented by the records of the Moscow City CPSU Committee (MGK KPSS) and the Moscow (Oblast) Committee of the CPSU (MK KPSS), and their predecessors, namely earlier records of the Moscow Gubernia Committee and the Moscow Okrug Committee of the Russian Communist Party (RKP[b]). There are also records of raion Party committees (raikom), and consolidated Party committees which had the rights of raion committees of Moscow and Moscow Oblast. There are records of organs of Party control and also documents from the first Party organizations within different institutions in Moscow (mostly reports).
        Records include founding documents, materials from Party plenums and conferences, delegate questionnaires, documents from different fractions of the VKP(b), organizational and regulatory documents, informational-analytic documents, membership acceptance records, and personal files of Party members. There are Party cell records from local institutions and organizations, and other related local Party organizations. These include editorial records of Party journals, such as Agitator (Agitator) and Partiinaia zhizn' (Party Life), and publishing houses.
        There are records of local CP educational and research institutions, including the Moscow Higher Party Schools, the University of Marxism-Leninism under the Moscow City Committee, and the Institute of the History of the Party of the Moscow Oblast and City Committees of the CPSU (1925–1991).
        The archive also retains records from Moscow organizations of the Komsomol (VLKSM)—Moscow City and Oblast Committees, raion committees, and files from Komsomol units in firms and other local institutions and organizations in Moscow and Moscow Oblast. There are also the records of the Komsomol newspaper Moskovskii Komsomolets, and the Youth Tourist Bureau, Sputnik.
        After the attempted August 1991 coup the archive took over the massive current records of all local Moscow Party organizations, which are still being processed. Statistics are still not available about the quantity of fonds and files involved.
        Since 1992, the archive has started to collect records of other social movements and political parties in Moscow.

The archive was formed beginning in 1921 on the initiative of the well-known Bolsheviks M.N. Liadov, S.I. Mitskevich, N.N. Ovsiannikov, and S.I. Chernomorskii as the Commission to Collect and Study Materials for the History of the October Revolution. After the transfer of the Commission to the jurisdiction of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party (RKP[b]) and until October 1934, the archive remained under the Party History Division (Istpartotdel) under the RKP(b) Moscow Committee.
        Before July 1990 the Moscow Party Archive was a branch of the Institute of Marxism-Leninism (IML) under the jurisdiction of the Institute of Party History of the Moscow City and Oblast Committees of the CPSU, but then it was renamed the Scientific and Information Center for the Political History of Moscow. The archive was reestablished under municipal archival administration as the Central State Archive of Social Movements of Moscow (TsGAODM) in November of 1991 and as the Central Archive of Social Movements of Moscow (TsAODM) in 1993.
        In January 2005 TsAODM was renamed the Central Archive of Social-Political History of Moscow (Tsentral'nyi arkhiv obshchestvenno-politicheskoi istorii Moskvy—TsAOPIM). TsALIM was abolished in the same year, and 9 its fonds, relating to social organizations, were transferred to TsAOPIM.
        With the April 2013 reorganization of Glavarkhiv Moskvy the Central Archive of Social-Political History of Moscow (TsAOPIM) was abolished and its fonds were transferred to the new Central State Archive of the city of Moscow (TsGA Moskvy).

Working conditions:
Researchers can work with documents from TsKhDOPIM (former TsAOPIM) in reading room no. 3 (ul. Mezhdunarodnaia, 10, korp. 4).
        Researchers can order 10 files a day. Orders are usually delivered within two working days. The archive conducts subject (thematic) searches for researchers on a fee-for-service basis. The use of portable computers is permitted, if no electric hookup is required.
        For more details see British guide: Russian & Ukrainian Archives Guide available electronically: https://research.reading.ac.uk/archiv....

Reference facilities:
The archive has catalogue of fonds in reading room. Opisi for fonds accepted for holding are also available in reading room. The list of fonds held in TsKhDOPIM (former TsAOPIM) is available electronically on the website: http://cgamos.ru/funds/s67/.

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