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Last update of repository: 14 March 2020

Rossiiskii federal'nyi geologicheskii fond (Rosgeolfond)

Access & Facilities

Materials deposited in Rosgeofond can be consulted only in the reading room with the permission of the directors. A formal written request should indicate the subject and goals of research, and the specific data and nature of access required. Access to geological data from the territory of the former non-Russian union republics require verification of a contractual agreement between the prospective utilizing organization and the creator of the given materials.
        Materials involving gravimetric research are communicated only by special permission of higher authorities in the Ministry.

Copy facilities
Organizations and individual researchers can order published works and copies.

Reference facilities
Electronic catalogues of Rosgeolfond are available on the website: Rosgeofond has author, systematic-subject, and geographic catalogues, as well as catalogues of the location of possible mining and deposits for excavation and published geological survey maps.

Library facilities
The scientific-technical library is open for use by researchers.

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