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Last update of repository: 16 October 2019

Gosudarstvennyi arkhiv sotsial'no-politicheskoi istorii Tambovskoi oblasti (GASPITO)

Finding Aids —  Published — General:

Byvsh. arkhivy KPSS (1998), pp. 249-52.

The lists of fonds are available at: http://gaspito.ru/foundation/foundations.

Declassified Documents

r-2400. Tsentr dokumentatsii noveishei istorii Tambovskoi oblasti: Putevoditel'/Documentation Center of Modern History of Tambov Region: Guide-book. Compiled by T.A. Azizova, V.P. Iumasheva, A.F. Vlasova, et al. Edited by A.L. Avrekh, V.M. Gorlov, T.M. Nashchekina and O.I. Nezhdanova. Moscow: Zven'ia, 2002. 439 p. [AO administratsii Tambovskoi oblasti; TsDNITO] (Lib: DLC; MH; Rosarkhiv).

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Declassified Documents

r-2404. Rassekrechennye dokumenty Tambovskogo oblastnogo komiteta VKP(b) za 1937–1945 gg.: Biulleten', no. 1. Compiled by V.P. Iumasheva, M.I. Koriakina and T.M. Nashchekina. Edited by I.P. Zhuravlev. Tambov, 2007. 603 p.

First issue contains annotated list of 783 declassified efficient and organizational documents of CP oblast committee.

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