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Last update of repository: 16 October 2019

Natsional'nyi arkhiv Respubliki Bashkortostan (TsGIA RB)

Finding Aids —  Published — General:

GA Spravochnik, vol. 1 (1989), pp. 82-86; RSFSR Spravochnik (1980), pp. 53-57; GA Spravochnik (1956), pp. 223-24; Byvsh. arkhivy KPSS (1998), pp. 64-68.

A full lists of fonds held by archive are available electronically at: http://www.gasrb.ru/barchd875.html (former Central Historical Archive) and http://www.gasrb.ru/barchd720.html (former Central State Archive of Social Societies) The list of personal records is available at: http://www.gasrb.ru/barchd305.html.
        See also the genealogy website of Bashkortostan “Genealogiia i arkhivy” (Genealogy and Archives): http://ufagen.ru.

Former Central State Archive of Social Societies


r-54. Putevoditel' po fondam Tsentral'nogo gosudarstvennogo istoricheskogo arkhiva Respubliki Bashkortostan. Part 1. Fondy uchrezhdenii, organizatsii i predpriiatii Rossiiskoi imperii. Compiled by A.G. Abdrakhmanov, I.F. Baikov, L.F. Grigorenko, G.T. Kalimullina, et al. Edited by L.F. Grigorenko, R.Z. Shirgazin, et al. Ufa, 2009. 143 p.
Electronic edition: http://www.gasrb.ru/barchd131.html

First volume of guide contains description of documents of 1749–1917 held in the archive.

r-55. Spisok-spravochnik fondov Tsentral'nogo Gosudarstvennogo arkhiva Bashkirskoi SSR. Compiled by A.A. Khismatullin and O.V. Vasil'eva. Edited by O.I. Chernova, L.O. Khairova, A.A. Khismatullin and O.V. Vasil'eva. 2d ed. Ufa: Bashkirskoe kn. izd-vo, 1991. 166 p. [AU pri SM BSSR; TsGA BSSR] (Lib: DLC; GARF-NB; MH).

Supplements the 1975 guide (r–56) for holdings acquired as of 1 January 1988.

r-56. Tsentral'nyi gosudarstvennyi arkhiv Bashkirskoi ASSR: Kratkii spisok-spravochnik fondov. Compiled by L.A. Pakutina. Edited by I.M. Gvozdikova. 2 vols. Ufa: Bashkirskoe kn. izd-vo, 1975. 338 p. Pagination continues. [AU pri SM BASSR; TsGA BASSR] (Lib: GARF-NB; Rosarkhiv; VNIIDAD).

Now expanded and updated by the 1991 edition (r–55). Includes appended data on adminisrative-territorial changes and local agencies.

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Former Central State Archive of Social Societies

r-65. Tsentral'nyi gosudarstvennyi arkhiv obshchestvennykh ob"edinenii Respubliki Bashkortostan: Putevoditel'. Compiled by A.A. Iakupov, I.G. Karimova, A.U. Kunakbaev, S.N. Murzakhanova, R.A. Nizamov and R.A. Valishin. Edited by I.K. Iuldashaev, N.P. Kamenev, A.A. Khismatullin and R.A. Valishin. Ufa: Kitap, 2009. 672 p.
Electronic edition: http://www.gasrb.ru/barchd144.html

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