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*Arkhivnoe upravlenie Ministerstva kul'tury Omskoi oblasti

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Administrative-Territorial Divisions


r-1950. Arkhivnyi vestnik: Informatsionno-metodicheskii biulleten' Arkhivnogo upravleniia Administratsii Omskoi oblasti. Omsk, 1990?–. [AU Administratsii Omskoi oblasti] (Lib: GARF-NB[v.5]; MH[v.3]).
        Vol. 3: 1992.
        Vol. 4: 1993. 72 p.
        Vol. 5: Arkhivnyi vestnik: Ezhegodnik Arkhivnogo upravleniia Administratsii Omskoi oblasti [za 1994 god]. 1995. 76 p.
        Vol. 6: 1998. 114 p.

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Administrative-Territorial Divisions
See Administrativno-territorial'noe delenie Sibiri (avgust 1920 g.–iiul' 1930 g.), Zapadnoi Sibiri (iiul' 1930 g.–sentiabr' 1937 g.), Novosibirskoi oblasti (s sentiabria 1937 g.): Spravochnik, (Novosibirsk, 1966) about administrative-territorial divisions of Omsk oblast between 1920–1937.

r-1952. Administrativno-territorial'noe delenie Omskogo Priirtysh'ia v 1917–2007 gg. Compiled by G.I. Gur'ev and L.I. Ogorodnikova. Omsk, 2008. 248 p. [GAOO].
Electronic edition: http://old.iaoo.ru/note102.html

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