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Last update of repository: 9 October 2019

*Glavnoe arkhivnoe upravlenie Moskovskoi oblasti

Previous names
1999–2005   Upravlenie po delam arkhivov Moskovskoi oblasti
[Administration for Archival Affairs of Moscow Oblast]
1991–1999   Komitet po delam arkhivov Administratsii Moskovskoi oblasti (Mosoblkomarkhiv)
[Committee for Archival Affairs of the Administration of Moscow Oblast]
1961–1991   Arkhivnoe upravlenie Mosoblispolkoma (AU Mosoblispolkoma)
[Archival Administration of the Moscow Oblast Executive Committee]
1938–1960   Arkhivnoe upravlenie Upravleniia NKVD Moskovskoi oblasti
[Archival Administration of the Moscow Oblast NKVD Administration]
1931–1938   Moskovskoe oblastnoe arkhivnoe upravlenie (MOAU)
[Moscow Oblast Archival Administration]
1929–1931   Moskovskoe oblastnoe arkhivnoe biuro
[Moscow Oblast Archival Bureau]
1922–1929   Moskovskoe gubernskoe arkhivnoe biuro
[Moscow Guberniia Archival Bureau]
1919–1922   Moskovskii gubernskii arkhivnyi fond
[Moscow Guberniia Archival Fond]

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