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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: R-0246

Last update of repository: 7 October 2019

*Upravlenie po delam arkhivov Belgorodskoi oblasti

Previous names
19??–2011   Arkhivnyi otdel Belgorodskoi oblasti
[Archival Division of Belgorod Oblast]
1991–19??   Arkhivnyi otdel Administratsii Belgorodskoi oblasti
[Archival Division of the Administration of Belgorod Oblast]
1961–1991   Arkhivnyi otdel Belgorodskogo oblispolkoma
[Archival Division of the Belgorod Oblast Executive Committee]
1957–1961   Arkhivnyi otdel UVD Belgorodskogo oblispolkoma
[Archival Division of UVD of the Belgorod Oblast Executive Committee]
1954–1957   Arkhivnyi otdel UMVD Belgorodskoi oblasti
[Archival Division of UMVD of Belgorod Oblast]

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