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Last update of repository: 16 March 2020

*Arkhivnoe agentstvo Krasnoiarskogo kraia

Previous names
2005–2008   Arkhivnoe agentstvo Administratsii Krasnoiarskogo kraia
[Archival Agency of the Administration of Krasnoiarsk Krai]
1992–2005   Komitet po delam arkhivov Administratsii Krasnoiarskogo kraia
[Committee for Archival Affairs of the Administration of Krasnoiarsk Krai]
1961–1992   Arkhivnyi otdel Krasnoiarskogo kraiispolkoma
[Archival Division of the Krasnoiarsk Krai Executive Committee]
1939–1961   Arkhivnyi otdel UNKVD–UMVD–UVD Krasnoiarskogo kraia
[Archival Division of UNKVD–UMVD–UVD of Krasnoiarsk Krai]
1935–1939   Krasnoiarskoe kraevoe arkhivnoe upravlenie
[Krasnoiarsk Krai Archival Administration]
1930–1935   Krasnoiarskoe otdelenie Vostochno-Sibirskogo kraevogo arkhivnogo upravleniia
[Krasnoiarsk Section of the East Siberian Krai Archival Administration]
1925–1930   Krasnoiarskoe okruzhnoe arkhivnoe biuro
[Krasnoiarsk Okrug Archival Bureau]
XII.1922–1925   Eniseiskoe gubernskoe arkhivnoe biuro
[Enisei Guberniia Archival Bureau]
III.1922–XII.1922   Eniseiskii gubernskii otdel Tsentral'nogo arkhiva RSFSR
[Enisei Guberniia Division of the Central Archive of the RSFSR]
1920–III.1922   Eniseiskoe gubernskoe upravlenie arkhivnym fondom
[Enisei Guberniia Administration of the Archival Fond]
The former Taimyr (Dolgano-Nenets) Autonomous Okrug and Evenki Autonomous Okrug in January 2007 were joined to Krasnoiarsk Krai as Taimyr and Evenki Municipal Raions.

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