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Last update of repository: 16 March 2020

Fundamental'naia biblioteka Voenno-meditsinskoi akademii (Biblioteka VMedA)

Previous names
1956–1991   Fundamental'naia biblioteka Voenno-meditsinskoi akademii im. S.M. Kirova (Biblioteka VMedA)
[Fundamental Library of the S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy]
1935–1956   Biblioteka Voenno-meditsinskoi akademii im. S.M. Kirova
[S.M. Kirov Library of the Military Medical Academy]
1881–1935   Biblioteka Voenno-meditsinskoi akademii
[Library of the Military Medical Academy]
1798–1881   Biblioteka Mediko-khirurgicheskoi akademii
[Library of the Medico-Surgical Academy]
1796–1798   Biblioteka pri Admiralteiskom gospitale
[Library of the Admiralty Hospital]
1756–1798   Meditsinskaia biblioteka pri Meditsinskoi kantseliarii Senata
[Medical Library of the Medical Chancellery of the Senate]
The first Russian medical library was opened in 1756 under the Medical Chancellery by a Senate decree following the application of the physician-in-ordinary P.Z. Kondoidi. In 1796 the director of the Medical Board A.I. Vasil'ev organized a library attached to the Admiralty Hospital, which was used by teachers and students of the medical schools. When in 1798 the Library of the Medico-Surgical Academy was established, it absorbed the libraries of the Medical Chancellery and the Admiralty Hospital. In 1881 it was reorganized as the Library of the Military Medical Academy.
        The library holdings were enlarged in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries with the acquisition of various library and archival collections of professors and teachers at the Academy, and its status as a depository library for medical-related publications. In 1935 it was renamed the Fundamental Library at the same time the Academy took the honorific name of the Leningrad Communist leader S.M. Kirov. That honorific name was dropped in 1991. Current holdings (ca. 2,000,000) consist of literature on medicine and the natural sciences.
        The Division of Manuscripts and Rare Books was established in 1958.

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