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Severo-Zapadnyi gosudarstvennyi meditsinskii universitet im. I.I. Mechnikova (SZGMU)

Previous names
1994–2011   Sankt-Peterburgskaia gosudarstvennaia meditsinskaia akademiia im. I.I. Mechnikova (SPbGMA)
[I.I. Mechnikov St. Petersburg State Medical Academy]
1992–1994   Leningradskaia sanitarno-gigienicheskaia meditsinskaia akademiia (LSGMA)
[Leningrad Sanitary-Hygiene Medical Academy]
1946–1992   Leningradskii sanitarno-gigienicheskii meditsinskii institut (LSGMI)
[Leningrad Sanitary-Hygiene Medical Institute]
1930–1946   Vtoroi Leningradskii meditsinskii institut (2-oi LMI)
[Second Leningrad Medical Institute]
1920–1930   Gosudarstvennyi institut meditsinskikh znanii (GIMZ)
[State Institute of Medical Knowledge]
1908–1920   Meditsinskii fakul'tet Psikhonevrologicheskogo instituta
[Medical Faculty of the Psycho-Neurological Institute]
The present Academy is an outgrowth of the Medical Faculty of the Psycho-Neurological Institute, which was established in 1908. In 1920 the faculty was reorganized in the building of the State Institute of Medical Knowledge, which in 1930 was renamed the Second Leningrad Medical Institute. In 1936 it was combined with the I.I. Mechnikov Hospital-Medical Educational Institution. In 1946, it was renamed the Leningrad Sanitary-Hygiene Medical Institute, and in 1992, received its present name. In 1992 Institute became an Academy.
        In 2011 the I.I. Mechnikov North-West State Medical University was established by the merger of the Academy and the St. Petersburg Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education.

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