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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: E-36

Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Institut fiziologii im. I.P. Pavlova RAN (IF)

Finding Aids —  Published — General:

Archives of Russia (2000), pp. 561-62; Arkhivy Rossii (1997), pp. 432-33; Muzei SPb (1994), p. 198; Peterburg (1992), p. 641; Muzei AN (1989), pp. 38-39.

There is no published description of the archival materials in the museum.

e-535. Gromova, Liudmila Ivanovna; and Kosmachevskaia, Emma Andreevna. Muzei-kvartira akad. I.P. Pavlova v Sankt-Peterburge (buklet)/Museum-apartment acad. I.P. Pavlova in St. Petersburg (booklet). Edited by G.B. Gorodkova and M.O. Samoilov. St. Petersburg, 2004. 36 p. [IF RAN].
Electronic edition: http://www.infran.ru/Documents/Museum... (Rus); http://www.infran.ru/Documents/Museum... (Eng)

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