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Last update of repository: 6 December 2020

Tsentral'nyi gosudarstvennyi arkhiv Moskovskoi oblasti (TsGAMO)

Previous names
1965–1980   Gosudarstvennyi arkhiv Moskovskoi oblasti (GAMO)
[State Archive of Moscow Oblast]
1941–1965   Gosudarstvennyi arkhiv Oktiabr'skoi revoliutsii i sotsialisticheskogo stroitel'stva Moskovskoi oblasti (GAORSS MO)
[State Archive of the October Revolution and Socialist Construction of Moscow Oblast]
1930–1941   Arkhiv Oktiabr'skoi revoliutsii Moskovskoi oblasti (AORMO)
[State Archive of the October Revolution of Moscow Oblast]
1925–1930   Arkhiv Oktiabr'skoi revoliutsii (AOR)
[Archive of the October Revolution]
After the October Revolution, records of all abolished regional institutions and organizations were consolidated in the so-called Moscow Guberniia Archival Fond, and in 1922 were concentrated in the Moscow Guberniia Archival Bureau. In 1925 holdings of the Moscow Guberniia Archival Bureau were divided into an Archive of the October Revolution (AOR) and a Historical Archive, both of which had the status of divisions of the Archival Bureau. The Bureau thus served as both an administrative agency and as an archival repository.
        In 1929, in connection with revised administrative-territorial divisions, the archival administration was renamed the Moscow Oblast Archival Bureau, and in 1931, the Moscow Oblast Archival Administration. In 1930 the archive also took the name of the oblast (AORMO), and in 1937 formally became a separate administrative entity.
        In 1941, AORMO was renamed the State Archive of the October Revolution and Socialist Construction of Moscow Oblast (GAORSS MO or GAOR MO), and the State Historical Archive of Moscow Oblast (GIAMO) was renamed as a separate institution; both remained under the Archival Administration of the NKVD Administration for Moscow Oblast until 1960. After the establishment of the Central State Archive of the City of Moscow (TsGA g. Moskvy) under municipal administration in 1963, all of the holdings of the prerevolutionary oblast archive (GIAMO) and some holdings of GAORSS MO of provenance in (or relating to) municipal institutions were transferred to that new archive. Subsequently, in 1965, GAORSS MO was renamed the State Archive of Moscow Oblast (GAMO). In 1980 it was raised to the level of a Central State Archive within the RSFSR (TsGAMO), and has retained that institutional name ever since.
        A branch of TsGAMO was established in Zaraisk in 1960 on the basis of seven raion archives, and it was moved to Bronnitsy in 1965. When the church building that housed the branch archive was returned to the jurisdiction of the Church in 1990, the branch was moved to Mozhaisk. At the present time TsGAMO has a Branch for Temporary Storage of Documents in Moscow.

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