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Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Arkhivno-informatsionnyi otdel (Ob''edinennyi arkhiv) Upravleniia zapisi aktov grazhdanskogo sostoianiia Pravitel'stva Moskvy (Arkhiv ZAGS Moskvy)

[Archival Information Division (United Archive) of the Administration for Registration of Vital Statistics of the Government of Moscow]

Agency: Ministerstvo iustitsii RF (Miniust Rossii)
[Ministry of Justice]
Upravlenie ZAGS Pravitel'stva Moskvy
[Administration for Registration of Vital Statistics (ZAGS) of the Government of Moscow]

Address: 101000, Moscow, Malyi Khariton'evskii per. (formerly ul. Griboedova), 10, str. 1; (Administration for Registration of Vital Statistics): 119019, Moscow, Sadovaia-Spasskaia ul., 6, str. 2

Telephone: +7 495 691-23-96

Fax: +7 495 691-23-96

E-mail: zags@mos.ru

Website: https://www.mos.ru/zags/function/orga...;  https://www.mos.ru/zags/  (Administration)

Opening hours: MTuThF 9:00–17:30; F 9:00–18:00

Transport: metro: Chistye prudy, Turgenevskaia, Krasnye vorota

Chief of the Administration for Registration of Vital Statistics: Elena Aleksandrovna Efremova (tel. +7 495 697-52-46)

Deputy Chief: Oksana Olegovna Rodionova (tel. +7 495 697-52-46)

Head of the United Archive: Evgeniia Aleksandrovna Elimova (tel. +7 495 628-04-40)

About Arkhiv ZAGS Moskvy
The first ZAGS divisions were established in Moscow in December 1917 under local government agencies. The archive holds records of vital statistics for the last seventy-five years for the city of Moscow and parts of Moscow Oblast that were part of the city during various periods. Earlier prerevolutionary parish registers and other related demographic records have been transferred to the Moscow city archives (see TsGA Moskvy—D–1, holdings of former TsAGM and TsIAM).

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