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*Arkhivnoe upravlenie Leningradskoi oblasti (AU LO)

[Archival Administration of Leningrad Oblast]

Agency: Pravitel'stvo Leningradskoi oblasti
[Government of Leningrad Oblast]

Address: 191311, St. Petersburg, ul. Smol'nogo, 3; (postal): Suvorovskii pr., 67

Telephone: +7 812 611-41-75

Fax: +7 812 611-51-44

E-mail: arh@lenreg.ru

Website: http://archive.lenobl.ru/

Opening hours: M–Th 9:00–18:00, F 9:00–18:00

Head: Andrei Vladimirovich Savchenko (tel. +7 812 611-41-75)

Deputy Head: Aleksei Ivanovich Fomin (tel. +7 812 611-41-79)

About AU LO
The Archival Committee of Leningrad Oblast was established in June 2008 in accordance with decree of the Government of Leningrad Oblast. Consolidated Archival Committee of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast was divided to the Archival Committee of St. Petersburg (D–015) and the Archival Committee of Leningrad Oblast.
        The Leningrad Oblast State Archive in Vyborg (D–25) came under jurisdiction of AK LO.

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