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Tsentral'naia kinostudiia detskikh i iunosheskikh fil'mov im. M. Gor'kogo

Previous names
1948–1963   Kinostudiia im. M. Gor'kogo
[M. Gor'kii Film Studio]
1936–1948   Vsesoiuznaia studiia detskikh fil'mov (Soiuzdetfil'm)
[All-Union Studio for Children’s Films]
1928–1936   Kinofabrika “Mezhrabpomfil'm”
[Mezhrabpomfil'm Film Factory]
1924–1928   Kinofabrika “Mezhrabpom–Rus'”
[Mezhrabpom–Rus' Film Factory]
1915–1924   Kinoatel'e Khudozhestvennogo kollektiva “Rus'”
[Film Workshop of the Rus' Artistic Collective]
The studio was founded in 1924 as the film workshop Mezhrabpom–Rus' on the basis of the Rus' Artistic Film Collective (Khudozhestvennyi kollektiv “Rus'”), which started work in 1915, led by Mikhail Trofimov. It was renamed Mezhrabpomfil'm in 1928. On the initiative of the Central Committee of the Komsomol in 1936, the film studio was reorganized as a special center for children’s films—Soiuzdetfil'm. From 1948 to 1963, it was called the Gor'kii Film Studio, and then until 1991 officially known as the Gor'kii Central Studio of Films for Children and Youth.

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