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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: C-17

Last update of repository: 14 March 2020

Tsentr gidrometeorologicheskikh dannykh (TsGMD)


negatives of format photographic films—50,176 units; microfiches—63,938 units; magnetic tapes—35,161 units; paper documents—2,343,285 units (1793–present)

Gosfond holdings consist of documentary complexes generated by observational findings, scientific expeditions, and scientific research in the field of hydrometeorology, aerology, agrometeorology, and monitoring environmental conditions. The fond acquires documentation (on paper, machine-readable files and cards, photographs, etc.) from the state system of observation and monitoring the environment, including territorial administrations for hydrometeorology and monitoring the environment (UGMS). Records of meteorological observations date back to 1793, with materials from station and field observation, implementation stations, posts, and expeditional detachments. There are also data from space observations, satellite, and other sources. From the Soviet period the fond also has UGMS documentation from the former union republics (such as Azerbaidzhan, Armenia, Belarus, among others).

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