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Last update of repository: 7 December 2020

Arkhiv Upravleniia Federal'noi sluzhby bezopasnosti po Sankt-Peterburgu i Leningradskoi oblasti (Arkhiv UFSB SPb)

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Finding Aids —  Published — General:

Archives of Russia (2000), pp. 435-37; Arkhivy Rossii (1997), pp. 335-37.

There is no published description of the archive. See the bibliographic citations relating to former KGB archives under C–6.

d-180. Gusev, Vladimir Sergeevich. “Tainy arkhivov FSB.” Bezopasnost' i zhizn', 1995, no. 2, pp. 175–78. (Lib: DLC).

Provides information about the “filtration” and “discontinuation” files from the local KGB archive and their planned transfer to TsGA SPb, on activities involved with citizen inquiries, archival finances, and technical arrangements.

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Finding Aids —  Specialized:

d-181. Perchenok, Feliks Fedorovich. “Ia reshitel'no nastaivaiu . . .” In In memoriam: Istoricheskii sbornik pamiati F.F. Perchenka, pp. 8–18. Moscow/St. Petersburg: Feniks-Atheneum, 1995. (Lib: MH).

Presents an announcement by the SPb Administration of the MB RF on access to documents regarding the “Academy Affair,” with a brief survey of the type of documents involved.

d-182. Akademicheskoe delo 1929–1931 gg.: Dokumenty i materialy sledstvennogo dela, sfabrikovannogo OGPU. Compiled by E.A. Fomina, M.P. Lepekhin and V.P. Zakharov. Edited by Z.I. Alferov, B.V. Anan'ich, V.P. Leonov, et al. St. Petersburg: BAN, 1993–1998. [RAN; BAN] (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).
        Vol. 1: Delo po obvineniiu akademika S.F. Platonova. 1993. 296 p.
        Vol. 2, pts. 1, 2: Delo po obvineniiu akademika E.V. Tarle. 1998.

A published volume of documents relating to the so-called “Academy Affair,” involving Academician S.F. Platonov and others. An introductory article surveys the types of related documentation retained in the former KGB archive.

d-183. Leningradskii martirolog: 1937–1938. Kniga pamiati zhertv politicheskikh repressii. Compiled by I.I. Kutylovskaia, E.V. Lukin, A.N. Pshenichnyi, O.I. Vinogradov, et al. Edited by D.I. Bogomolov, A.I. Razumov, et al. St. Petersburg: Izd-vo RNB, 1995–. 13 volumes published through 2016. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).
Electronic edition: https://web.archive.org/web/201303251...
        Vol. 1: Avgust-sentiabr' 1937 g. 1995. 804 p.
        Vol. 2: Oktiabr' 1937 g. 1996. 575 p.
        Vol. 3: Noiabr' 1937 g. 1998. 639 p.
        Vol. 4: 1937 g. 1999. 735 p.
        Vol. 5: 1937 g. 2002. 724 p.
        Vol. 6: 1937 g. 2007. 736 p.
        Vol. 7: Ianvar' 1938 g. 2007. 742 p.
        Vol. 8: Ianvar'–fevral' 1938 g. 2008. 698 p.
        Vol. 9: Mart–aprel' 1938 g. 2008. 733 p.
        Vol. 10: Mai–sentiabr' 1938 g. 2009. 735 p.

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