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Last update of repository: 6 December 2020

Tsentral'nyi gosudarstvennyi arkhiv goroda Moskvy (TsGA Moskvy)

Otdel khraneniia dokumentov lichnykh sobranii Moskvy—Fondy byvshego Tsentral'nogo moskovskogo arkhiva-muzeia lichnykh sobranii (TsMAMLS)
[Division for Preservation of Records of Personal Collection of Moscow—Holdings from the former Central Moscow Archive-Museum of Personal Collections]

Address: 117393, Moscow, ul. Profsoiuznaia, 82, korp. 1

Telephone: +7 499 724-36-81, +7 499 724-35-90, +7 499 724-37-10

Fax: +7 499 724-35-90, +7 499 724-37-20

Reading room: +7 499 724-34-60 (RdngRm no. 2)

Website: http://cgamos.ru/storage_centers/28613/

Opening hours: M 9:30–16:30, Tu–Th 12:00–20:00, F 9:30–15:00 (year round)
Transport: metro: Kaluzhskaia


Total: 397 fonds; 100,464 units; mid-17th c.–2019
archival files—89,629 units; objects—10,096

TsKhDLSM (former TsMAMLS) holds over 380 fonds of personal papers and related collections, 177 of which were previously been held by TsAGM (former TsMAM). Some additional personal papers and collections were received directly from their creators. It is in the process of accessioning additional fonds from that archive and others from private sources.
        Among holdings of more political orientation are the papers of M.S. Boguslavskii, deputy chairman of the Moscow Soviet and the philosopher, publicist, and RSDP member V.M. Shuliatikov. There are many papers of participants in World War II, such as Colonel I.E. Plekhanov, among others.
        Among the personal papers of representatives of the creative intelligentsia and papers of teachers in higher educational institutions, the historian R.T. Peresvetov, the historian-archivist I.L. Maiakovskii, and the music teacher S.D. Rudneva; artists such as Professor N.V. Vodolazov; writers B.E. Ivanov and N.I. Kochin, and the contemporary writer I.E. Raksha and her husband the artist Iu.M. Raksha.

The Central Archive of Documentary Collections of Moscow (TsADKM) was established in December 1992 for personal papers and related collections, primarily from the postrevolutionary period. In June 2003 TsADKM was renamed the Central Moscow Archive-Museum of Personal Collections (TsMAMLS). With the April 2013 reorganization of Glavarkhiv Moskvy the Central Moscow Archive-Museum of Personal Collections (TsMAMLS) was abolished and its fonds were transferred to the new Central State Archive of the city of Moscow (TsGA Moskvy).

Working conditions:
Researchers can work with documents from TsKhDLSM (former TsMAMLS) in the reading room no. 2 (ul. Profsoiuznaia, 82, korp. 1). Researchers can order 10 files a day. Orders are usually delivered within two working days. The use of portable computers is permitted, if no electric hookup is required.

Reference facilities:
Opisi of all processing fonds, lists and surveys of fonds are available for researchers in reading room. The list of fonds held in TsKhDLSM (former TsMAMLS) is available electronically on the website: http://cgamos.ru/funds/s66/.

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