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Last update of repository: 6 December 2020

Tsentral'nyi gosudarstvennyi arkhiv goroda Moskvy (TsGA Moskvy)

Otdel khraneniia nauchno-tekhnicheskoi dokumentatsii Moskvy—Fondy byvshego Tsentral'nogo arkhiva nauchno-tekhnicheskoi dokumentatsii Moskvy (TsANTDM)
[Division for Preservation of Scientific-Technical Documentation—Holdings from the former Central Archive of Scientific-Technical Documentation of Moscow]

Address: 117393, Moscow, ul. Profsoiuznaia, 82, korp. 1

Telephone: +7 499 724-35-98, +7 499 793-56-80

Reading room: +7 499 724-34-60 (RdngRm no. 2)

Website: http://cgamos.ru/storage_centers/238/

Opening hours: M 9:30–16:30, TuTh 12:00–20:00, F 9:30–15:00 (year round)
Transport: metro: Kaluzhskaia


Total: 127 fonds; 699,980 units; 1802–2015

The former TsANTDM accessions project and construction engineering plans, technological documentation, and other scientific-technical documents created by scientific research institutions, institutions of higher learning, and technical organizations and enterprises within the city of Moscow. Already of particular importance for the history of Moscow architecture and city planning are the holdings of the former City Historico-Architectural Archive from the Main Architectural-Planning Administration (GlavAPU).
        Former TsANTDM holds records from the Construction Division of the Moscow City Board of the Administration of the State Architectural-Construction Inspection (Upravlenie gosudarstvennogo arkhitekturno-stroitel'nogo kontrolia—UGASK), and the Moscow Administration for Civil Housing Projects and Communal Construction of GlavAPU (Mosproekt, after 1933).
        The archive retains materials on Moscow city planning and construction dating back to 1802, including documentation from the Commission of Construction of Moscow, which was established in 1813 for the reconstruction of the capital after the fires of 1812; the Fourth District Communications and Public Housing Authority, which was involved with further Moscow construction (1843–1865); the Construction Divisions of the Moscow Gubernia Administration (1865–1872); and of the City Council (1873–1917). Among the documents are land-plot plans, house facade and floor plans, construction and commercial documentation, which indicate project designers, construction dates, and inspection reports for almost all the buildings of prerevolutionary Moscow.
        The archive also holds documentation from Soviet agencies involved with construction in Moscow, such as working and technical plans, drawings and illustrative notes, and receipts for building construction, and official documents of the state commission for putting buildings into operation (1945–1973).
        There are a significant number of fonds devoted to technical documentation from factories and scientific research institutes in the Moscow area.

N.B. Organizational and administrative-control documentation from the former GlavAPU archive is now held by TsGA Moskvy (former TsAGM).

The archive was established in May 1993 on the basis of the scientific-technical documentation division of the Central Municipal Archive of Moscow (TsMAM, next TsAGM, now TsGA Moskvy, formerly TsGAORSS g. Moskvy). With the April 2013 reorganization of Glavarkhiv Moskvy the Central Archive of Scientific-Technical Documentation of Moscow (TsANTDM) was abolished and its fonds were transferred to the new Central State Archive of the city of Moscow (TsGA Moskvy).
        TsANTDM has acquired the complete holdings of the former City Historical Scientific-Technical Archive, which, as of 1951 existed as a separate depository of the Main Architectural-Planning Administration (Glavnoe arkhitekturno-planirovochnoe upravlenie—GlavAPU); from 1978 to 1994, it was known as the Historico-Architectural Archive of the State Inspection for the Protection of Architectural Monuments. Starting in 1994, scientific-technical documentation from other Moscow archives were transferred to TsANTDM.

Working conditions:
Researchers can work with documents from former TsANTDM in the reading room no. 2 (ul. Profsoiuznaia, 82, korp. 1). Researchers are permitted to order five files a day. Orders are delivered within three working days, but are not processed on Wednesdays. The use of portable computers is permitted, if no electric hookup is required.

Reference facilities:
The list of fonds held in TsKhDNTDM (former TsANTDM) available electronically on the website: http://cgamos.ru/funds/s65/.

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