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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: R-174

Last update of repository: 16 March 2020

Evenkiiskii arkhiv

Finding Aids —  Published — General:

GA Spravochnik, vol. 1 (1989), pp. 170-71.

See Putevoditel' [po fondam arkhiva kraikoma partii (1894–1971)] (Krasnoiarsk, 1973) (r–866 under R–171) about records of CP and Komsomol organizations. See also Krasnoiarskii krai: Administrativno-territorial'noe delenie (1983) (r–848 under R–0170) about the administrative territory division of Evenki National Okrug.
        Annotated list of personal fonds held in archive see in r–841.

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