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Last update of repository: 13 October 2019

*Komitet po delam arkhivov Penzenskoi oblasti

Previous names
1998–2017   Upravlenie kul'tury i arkhiva Penzenskoi oblasti
[Administration of Culture and Archive of Penza Oblast]
1991–1998   Arkhivnyi otdel Administratsii Penzenskoi oblasti
[Archival Division of the Administration of Penza Oblast]
1961–1991   Arkhivnyi otdel Penzenskogo oblispolkoma
[Archival Division of the Penza Oblast Executive Committee]
1939–1961   Arkhivnyi otdel UNKVD–UMVD–UVD Penzenskoi oblasti
[Archival Division of UNKVD–UMVD–UVD of Penza Oblast]
1937–1939   Penzenskoe otdelenie Tambovskogo oblastnogo arkhivnogo upravleniia
[Penza Section of the Tambov Oblast Archival Administration]
1936–1937   Penzenskoe otdelenie Kuibyshevskogo oblastnogo arkhivnogo upravleniia
[Penza Section of the Kuibyshev Oblast Archival Administration]
1935–1936   Penzenskoe otdelenie Kuibyshevskogo kraevogo arkhivnogo upravleniia
[Penza Section of the Kuibyshev Krai Archival Administration]
1931–1935   Penzenskoe otdelenie Sredne-Volzhskogo kraevogo arkhivnogo upravleniia
[Penza Section of the Middle-Volga Krai Archival Administration]
1930–1931   Penzenskoe kustovoe arkhivnoe biuro
[Penza Group Archival Bureau]
1928–1930   Penzenskoe okruzhnoe arkhivnoe biuro
[Penza Okrug Archival Bureau]
1922–1928   Penzenskoe gubernskoe arkhivnoe biuro
[Penza Guberniia Archival Bureau]
1919–1922   Penzenskoe gubernskoe upravlenie arkhivnym delom
[Penza Guberniia Administration for Archival Affairs]

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