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Last update of repository: 18 August 2019

Muzei-kvartira N.S. Golovanova—Filial Rossiiskogo natsional'nogo muzeia muzyki


Total: 1 fonds, 6,542 units, 1811–1983
photographs—1,014 (1900–1966)

The museum contains documents relating to the life and work of Golovanov, who was made a People's Artist of the USSR in 1948. As well as his own personal documents (such as his diploma from the Conservatory), manuscript music scores of his works (including his written transposition of the Cantata “Princess Iurata” done as part of his graduation thesis), and his correspondence, the collection contains memoirs and recollections of contemporaries.
        Also found here are many official files from the Bolshoi Theater (1919–1953) as well as documentation from theSociety of Friends of the Stanislavskii Opera Studio (Obshchestvo druzei Opernoi studii K.S. Stanislavskogo).
        The museum possesses photographs of Golovanov, his friends and relatives, and representatives of the arts world at home and abroad.These include pictures of first year students at the Synodal Secondary School, where Golovanov was himself both student and lecturer, and photographs of a number of professors of the Moscow Conservatory (1914), A.V. Nezhdanova (1915), A.K. Glazunov (1922), A.V. Lunacharskii (1924), K.S. Stanislavskii, V.I. Kachalov (pseud. of Shverubovich), and G.G. Neigauz, among others. There is also a collection of photographs autographed by such noted persons as F.I. Chaliapin (Shaliapin), L.V. Sobinov, N.A. Obukhova, and M.P. Maksakova.
        The museumalso holds posters and programs for operas in which Golovanov performed.
        There are numerous gramophone records and tape recordings, one of which is a radio interview with Golovanov, entitled “On the Role of the Conductor.”

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