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Last update of repository: 17 March 2020

Gosudarstvennyi muzei istorii rossiiskoi literatury imeni V.I. Dalia (GMIRLI)

[Pictorial Fonds]


Total: 452,773 units; 17th–20th cc.

The exceedingly rich Pictorial Fonds include many painted, graphic, sculptural, and photographic portraits of writers. There are also other graphic materials related to their life and creative work—views of places associated with writers, illustrations, posters for literary and poetry readings, and other assorted memorabilia. There are special collections of graphic materials for many individual authors, especially those for which separate exhibitions or museum branches have been established. For example, in the case of A.I. Herzen (Gertsen), there is Herzen’s own collection of portraits of the Decembrists, some of which are on display in the A.I. Herzen Museum.
        The description of Pictorial Fonds are available on the museum website:
        (1) collection of paintings—https://goslitmuz.ru/collections/357/;
        (2) collection of original graphics—https://goslitmuz.ru/collections/358/;
        (3) collection of posters—https://goslitmuz.ru/collections/366/;
        (4) collection of lubokhttps://goslitmuz.ru/collections/368/;
        (5) collection of large-format stencil poster “Okna TASS”—https://goslitmuz.ru/collections/367/.

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There are working card catalogues for the collections.

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