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Last update of repository: 17 March 2020

Gosudarstvennyi muzei istorii rossiiskoi literatury imeni V.I. Dalia (GMIRLI)

Fond zvukozapisei
[Sound Recordings Fond]

Address: 103001, Moscow, Trubnikovskii per., 17

Telephone: +7 495 695-44-94

Website: https://goslitmuz.ru/collections/365/

Opening hours: by appointment
Transport: metro: Krasnopresnenskaia, Barrikadnaia; trol.: 10, B

Head: Elena Iur'evna Abakumova (tel. +7 495 695-44-94)


Total: over 10,000 units; 20th–21st cc.

This collection contains gramophone records, tape recordings, cassette recordings, and videotapes of performances given by Russian and foreign writers. The recordings include poetry readings, readings of short stories, and speeches by writers on current affairs.

Copy facilities:
Recordings can be copied at commercial rates.

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