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Gosudarstvennyi literaturno-memorial'nyi muzei F.M. Dostoevskogo

Fond fotografii, afish, programm
[Fond of Photographs, Posters, and Programs]

Opening hours: by appointment

general fond—ca. 1,400 units (mid. 19th c.–1994)

The collection of documentary photographs includes original pictures of Dostoevskii (some signed by the writer) and members of his family: his first wife, M.D. Dostoevskaia (née Konstant); second wife, A.G. Dostoevskaia (née Snitkina); sisters V.M. Karepina, V.M. Ivanova, and A. M. Golenovskaia (née Sheviakova); brothers M.M. Dostoevskii and A.M. Dostoevskii; nieces, V.A. Savost'ianova and E.A. Rykacheva; son, F.F. Dostoevskii; and daughter, L.F. Dostoevskaia. There are also portraits of his contemporaries, like V.G. Belinskii, D.V. Grigorovich, N.A. Nekrasov, A.P. Filosofova, A.A. Shtakenshneider (Stakenschneider) and his sister, E.A. Shtakenshneider, A.F. Koni, A.N. Maikov, O.F. Miller, I.I. Panaev, Ia.P. Polonskii, M.G. Savina, V.S. Solov'ev, A.S. Suvorin, and Countess S.A. Tolstaia. There are also photographs of places connected with the life and work of the writer.
        The collection entitled “Theater and Cinema” includes posters and programs for plays based on the plots of Dostoevskii’ s novels.

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The main fond has been arranged and described and the auxiliary fond has been partially described.

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