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Last update of repository: 18 March 2020

Gosudarstvennyi literaturno-memorial'nyi muzei F.M. Dostoevskogo

Fond rukopisei
[Fond of Manuscripts]

Opening hours: M–F 10:30–17:30


Total: 11 (5 unarranged) fonds; 1847–1972
general fond—329 units (1847–1972)

The Fond of Manuscripts contains documents originating with relatives of the writer and his contemporaries, as well as materials from the annual “Dostoevskii and World Culture” conferences that have been held in the museum since 1974. The papers of A.G. Dostoevskaia (Dostoevskii’s second wife, nèe Snitkina) include her letters to relatives and other personal documents; a manuscript copy of a comedy written by Dostoevskii’s brother, M.M. Dostoevskii, entitled “The Eldest Sister and the Youngest Sister” (Starshaia i men'shaia); and letters from the writer’s grandson, A.F. Dostoevskii (1885–1968) on transferring the remains of his grandmother, A.G. Dostoevskaia, from Yalta to Leningrad.
        The papers of the writer and journalist A.U. Poretskii (1819–1879) include letters written by A.P. and R.P. Norshtein and letters from Dostoevskii’s doctor, S.D. Ianovskii, and his wife, A.I. Shubert,among others. There are also materials of the journal “Sunday Leisure” (Voskresnyi dosug), which Poretskii edited, including authors’ manuscripts, letters to the editor, manuscript copies of verses by A.S. Pushkin, I.S. Nikitin, and other nineteenth-century poets, and one of the closest-to-the-original copies of Belinskii’s famous letter to Gogol'.
        The papers of E.A. Rykacheva, Dostoevskii—™ niece, contain her correspondence with relatives (1866–1899).
        There are also scattered individual documents from various persons—for example, a letter from A.F. Koni (1921); verses of V.S. Solov'ev and his letters to the architect and painter, F.G. Berenshtam; and a letter from an unknown person about Dostoevskii’s speech on Pushkin.

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