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Last update of repository: 18 March 2020

Muzei dekorativno-prikladnogo iskusstva Sankt-Peterburgskoi gosudarstvennoi khudozhestvenno-promyshlennoi akademii im. A.L. Shtiglitsa (Muzei DPI)

Finding Aids —  Published — General:

Archives of Russia (2000), pp. 1100-101; Arkhivy Rossii (1997), pp. 853-54; Muzei SPb (1994), p. 45; Biblioteki SPb (1993), p. 72; Peterburg (1992), pp. 139, 400; Muzei Leningrada (1982), p. 78; Muzei vuzov (1975), pp. 179-80.

h-1400. Muzei barona Shtiglitsa: Proshloe i nastoiashchee/Baron Stieglitz Museum: The Past and the Present. Compiled by G.E. Prokhorenko and G.A. Vlasova. Edited by E.N. Guseva. St. Petersburg: “Sezar”, 1994. 200 p. “Zhemchuzhiny Peterburga.” (Lib: IU; MH).
Added English title page, preface, introduction, and captions.

The first publication on the history of the school and museum founded by Baron A.L. Stieglitz, with elaborate colored illustrations. References are given to those parts of the prerevolutionary collection that are now held in the Hermitage. See also the brief chapter about some of the prerevolutionary holdings in h–1280.

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