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ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia: F-6

Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Dom Russkogo zarubezh'ia imeni Aleksandra Solzhenitsyna


Total: ca. 400 fonds, over 25,000 units, 16th–to present
photographs—over 3,000 units

Among the house holdings are some manuscripts of well-known representatives of the Russian emigration, donated by various organizations and individuals. Letters of N.A. Berdiaev, Father Sergii N. Bulgakov, S.L. Frank, I.A. Bunin, B.K. Zaitsev, P.B. Struve, A.M. Remizov, and N.N. Berberova were acquired from the YMCA-Press (Paris), together with those of other Russian writers, scholars, and eminent political and social figures. The Solzhenitsyn Russian Society Fond (Russkii obshchestvennyi fond im. A. Solzhenitsyna) contains over 1,000 manuscript memoirs of Russian emigrants of the “first wave,” and also the archive of I.A. Bunin's secretary Leonid Zurov.
        More detailed information about archival collection of the Russian Abroad House see on the website:http://www.domrz.ru/collection/.

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