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Last update of repository: 15 March 2020

Nauchno-informatsionnyi i prosvetitel'skii tsentr “Memorial” (NIPTs “Memorial”)

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Finding Aids —  Published — General:

Archives of Russia (2000), pp. 635-37; Arkhivy Rossii (1997), pp. 488-90.

There is no published guide to the archival materials. For the 1998 directory of prison and corrective labor camps in the GULAG system, see Sistema ispravitel'no-trudovykh lagerei v SSSR, 1923–1960: Spravochnik (Moscow, 1998); files of many of the archival materials used and indexing data are available at Memorial.

f-1. Arkhiv Memoriala: [Kratkii putevoditel']. Moscow, 2007?.
Electronic edition: http://old.memo.ru/history/arhin_out.pdf
English ed.: The Memorial Society Archive. Moscow, 2007?.

f-2. Biblioteka Memoriala: Kratkii putevoditel'. Moscow, 200?.
Electronic edition: http://old.memo.ru/library/bibl.pdf

f-3. Memuary o politicheskikh repressiiakh v SSSR, khraniashchiesia v arkhive Obshchestva “Memorial”: Annotirovannyi katalog. Vol. 1. Compiled by O.E. Blinkina, O.V. Chernova, A.G. Kozlova, S.A. Lar'kov, N.A. Malykhina, I.V. Vysochina and D.I. Zubarev. Edited by L.S. Eremina, N.G. Okhotin, A.B. Roginskii, et al. Moscow: Memorial-Zven'ia, 2007. 369 p. (Lib: MH).

The annotated catalog of memoirs that were written by individuals who were arrested for political reasons, mostly during the Stalin era.

f-4. Bibliograficheskii ukazatel' izdanii obshchestva “Memorial” (1988–1995). Compiled by B.I. Belenkin, E.I. Kozlova and E.N. Strukova. Moscow: Memorial, 1995. 62 p. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).

An annotated bibliography of Memorial publications from throughout the former Soviet Union (150 entries), copies of which are all available in the library of the Moscow Memorial Center.

f-5. Arkhiv po istorii dissidentov. Moscow: “Memorial”, 200?.
Electronic edition: http://old.memo.ru/history/diss/arhiv...

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Finding Aids —  Specialized:

See the description of the library holdings including the samizdat and nontraditional press collections in Samizdat i novaia politicheskaia pressa: (po materialam kollektsii Moskvy i Sankt-Peterburga) (Moscow, 1993); that volume also provides complete listings for the “Memorial” holdings as part of its ongoing union catalogue of Moscow and St. Petersburg collections. For a description of leaflets relating to the 1993 “October Days” in Moscow, see g–152.

f-6. “Beyond the Friendship of Peoples”: Anti-Semitism and Nationalism at the End of the Soviet Era. Amsterdam: IISH, 1992. 47 p. Introduction by Boris Belenkin, Mikhail Gnedovskii, and Marina Razorenova. [“Memorial”; M-BIO Archive; Institute of Humanitarian Political Research] (Lib: IISH) [IDC-RM-1/1].
        Additional information is available electronically at the BRILL website: https://brill.com/view/title/15862?la....
        [Brochure]: https://brill.com/fileasset/downloads....

A catalogue of the exhibition of documents from Memorial and the M-BIO Archive of the Institute for Humanitarian Political Research that was held in Moscow and Amsterdam in August 1992.

f-7. Tvorchestvo i byt GULAGa: Katalog muzeinogo sobraniia Obshchestva “Memorial”/Art and life in the Gulag: “Memorial” Society Museum Catalogue. Compiled by V.A. Tikhanova. Edited by N.G. Okhotin. Moscow: “Zven'ia”, 1998. 208 p. + plates. The text in Russian and English. [NIPTs “Memorial”].
Electronic edition: http://old.memo.ru/s/213.html

A catalogue of prison paintings, drawings, graphic art, and other art effects collected by the Memorial Center in Moscow. Entries include pictures and brief biographies of the individuals represented.

f-8. Stalinskie rasstrel'nye spiski. Compiled by V.N. Iakushev, N.G. Okhotin, A.B. Roginskii, A.S. Stepanov, et al. Moscow, 2002. [NIPTs “Memorial”; AP RF].
Electronic edition: http://stalin.memo.ru/
Also listed as c–9.

f-9. Kto rukovodil NKVD, 1934–1941: Spravochnik. Compiled by N.B. Petrov, K.V. Skorkin, et al. Edited by N.G. Okhotin and A.B. Roginskii. Moscow, 1999. [Obshchestvo “Memorial”; RGASPI; GA RF].
Electronic edition: http://old.memo.ru/history/nkvd/kto/i...

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